A sign of appreciation

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

Sep 15, 2010

A sign of appreciation

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A beautiful sign has reappeared on Torbay Road heading north into Torbay. A large coloured photograph of the Torbay beach, houses and nearby hills define the beautiful place of Torbay.

“Enjoy the East Coast Trail” draws attention to this popular attraction and acknowledges the benefit of the Trail to the community.

Thank you to the town of Torbay for advertising the East Coast Trail on your signage. As our development project in your community continues, we hope that the Father Troy section of the East Coast Trail from Torbay to Flatrock, as well “Motion Path” from Middle Cove to Torbay will be even more appreciated and enjoyed by the people of Torbay and your visitors.

Story and photograph by: Janny VanHouwelingen