Recognizing Volunteers

Long Shore Path

Years of Service 2023

In 2023, we had over 40 years of service certificates given to dedicated volunteers of 5+ years.

Motion Head Award 2023 - Individual

Evan Simpson

Motion Head Award 2023 - Team

Torbay Coyotes #1

Flamber Head Award 2023

Pat Ryan, Harold Mullowney, Doug Ballam, and John Bruijns

John Ross Clipper Award 2023

Bonita Colbourne

Tuckamore Award 2023

Madeleine Florent

Cape Spear Award 2023

John & Cathy Phillips; The Northpine Foundation

Volunteerism has always formed the backbone of the East Coast Trail and the Association. Each year, ECTA recognizes outstanding volunteer contributions at an Awards Night Celebration held in a trail community during National Volunteer Week. Five unique awards are presented to outstanding volunteers:

TThe Tuckamore Award is awarded to a supporter, person, group, organization or municipality who has made a difference and helped the association persevere.

Learn more about the Tuckamore Award and Past Recipients

The Flamber Head Award is given to volunteers of the East Coast Trail Association who have volunteered for three (3) years or more and have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the Association.

Learn more about the Flamber Head Award and Past Recipients

The John Ross Clipper Award recognizes volunteers who have shown great commitment to the trail maintenance activities in the year past. 

Learn more about the John Ross Clipper Award and Past Recipients

The Cape Spear Award recognizes and honours an individual or group who has made an outstanding and long-term contribution that supports the ongoing sustainability of the Association.

Learn more about the Cape Spear Award and Past Recipients

The Motion Head Award recognizes and honours the #1 individual fundraiser and the #1 team fundraiser for their contributions to the East Coast Trail.

Learn more about the Motion Head Award and Past Recipients

Beginning in 2024, we have added a new award, The Punter Award, recognizing a volunteer or staff member who exemplifies the Association’s mission-centered commitment to our communities as demonstrated by their significant and sustained service to the Association.

Learn more about the Punter Award and Past Recipients.

Years of Service recognition program for East Coast Trail volunteers; certificates are given every five years beginning after five years of volunteering.

Learn more about the Years of Service Awards and Past Recipients.

2022 Volunteer Night

John Ross Clipper Award recipient Sylvia Warkentin

2022 Volunteer Night

Cape Spear Award recipient Charlie Elton (received by son, Sandy Elton)

2022 Volunteer Night

Motion Head Award recipient MUN in Motion

2022 Volunteer Night

Motion Head Award recipient Donovan Byrd (accepted by mother Terry)

2022 Volunteer Night

Flamber Head Award recipient Raelene Goosney

2022 Volunteer Night

Tuckamore Award recipients Stakeholder Advisory Committee