Volunteer Years of Service

Volunteers have always been the backbone of the East Coast Trail Association. The efforts of these volunteers to the sustainability of the East Coast Trail are highly valued by ECTA Members, the Board, the staff, and your fellow volunteers. Beginning in 2023, we have implemented a Volunteer Years of Service recognition program. These Years of Service certificates will be awarded for every five years of service, beginning after five years of volunteering. 

Past Recipients

2023 – In the inaugural year, we awarded forty-two certificates:

Five to Nine Years
Terry Bullock (2018)
Jack Foley (2018)
Paula Lancaster (2018)
Heidi Murphy (2018)
Colin Saunders (2018)
Alicia Sutton (2018)
Bruce Wells (2018)
Raelene Goosney (2018)
Phillippe Lecavalier (2017)
Greg Sherman (2017)
Dylan Goudie (2016)
Hu Lui (2016)
Kim O’Leary (2016)
Jim Fitzgerald (2015)
Harold Mullowney (2015)
Doug Ballam (2015)
Dana Griffiths (2014)
Margaret Morris (2014)

Ten to Fourteen Years
Madeleine Florent (2013)
Mike Flemming (2013)
Robert Hickey (2013)
Aaron O’Brien (2012)
Christine Roy (2010)
Pat Ryan (2009)

Fifteen to Nineteen Years
Linda Cohen (2008)
Tim Cohen (2008)
Annette Mooney (2007)
Bruce Roberts (2007)
Carol Ann Griffin (2006)
Sylvia Warkentin (2006)
Greg Bennett (2004)
Geert Van Biesen (2004)
Jantje Vanhouwelingen (2004)

Twenty to Twenty-Four
Jim Butters (2002)
Dave Hammond (2002)

Mark Graesser (1997)
Pat Dabinett (1995)
Robbie Hicks (1995)
Adrian Tanner (1995)
Elizabeth Ann Murphy (1995)
Randy Murphy (1995)
Keith Windsor (1994)