Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

Aug 11, 2009

Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The East Coast Trail Needs You
The Nominations Committee requests your help to identify and nominate potential candidates to serve on the East Coast Trail Association’s Board of Directors. We are in the process of recruiting new directors to serve two-year terms starting in mid-September. All nominations will be processed by the Nominations Committee. The slate of candidates, who accept the nomination to stand for election to the Board, will be tabled at the Annual General Meeting for review and approval by the membership. The AGM is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 14th, at City Hall.

The Trail Needs Your Expertise
We are looking for candidates with knowledge and experience in the following areas:
* Finance & Accounting
* Fund Raising
* Municipal, Business & Community Relations
* Marketing & Communications
* Corporate Governance

Positions are Critical to the Association and The Trail
The two super-critical areas we need you to focus on are: Finance & Accounting and Fund Raising. We need candidates who are interested in and available to serve as VP Finance (manage the funds) and VP Revenue (find the funds). This is a high priority request, we need your help to fill these two positions as soon as possible. They are core and essential to the on-going success of the Association.

Think About It
Please give our request your time and attention, and, if possible, send us your list of nominees and their contact information (telephone, email) by Wednesday, August 12th, 2009. Send your list of nominees to the board of directors and enter “Attn: Nominations Committee” in the subject line.

We appreciate your time and consideration, and look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

Supporting Statement from the President
The strength and long-term health of the Association is very much dependent on you, our members. You supply the volunteer skills, expertise and time that is essential for our survival. In addition, you help to provide the voice needed within our communities to address the challenges and influence the changes required to build a 540 km trail. As a member in good standing, you have the right to stand for election to the Board, nominate other members to serve on the Board, and, of course, to vote for our Board at the AGM, if an election is required.

The decisions made by the Board of Directors influence every aspect of our Association. They set policy, oversee our financial health, establish priorities, define the annual scope of work, and they are responsible for keeping us on course and true to our beliefs. Your participation in the nomination process and election at the AGM is a core, critical requirement of membership. You are entrusting the future of the East Coast Trail and the Association into the Board members’ care. So please, exercise your right as a member and send us your list of nominees, people who you think will add value to the Board and help make a difference. We look forward to your response and hope to see you at the AGM.

Randy Murphy
President, East Coast Trail Association