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03. White Horse Path

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Bauline to Cape St. Francis
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Current Path Status:
Bauline to Cape St. Francis
About This Path:

This path is recommended for experienced hikers. There are many steep ascents/descents requiring good levels of fitness and endurance. Long forested sections cross brooks and travel through abandoned meadows, gullies and boggy peatland. Trekking poles recommended for steep treadway and brook crossings. Be sure to start this path in enough time to complete before sunset; be prepared to hike the full path distance before setting out. Expect strong winds and temperature changes on open elevated terrain.

Estimated time
8 Hours to 10 Hours


Path Advisory: This is one of our most strenuous paths. Be prepared for a long hike. A remote campground, including five tent platforms and one toilet, is available at Patch Brook. No path clearing or conditions updates take place during winter months. Winter usage strongly discouraged. Map recommended. Trail-rated footwear required.
Access Points:
  • Bauline - Park at the end of Brook Path (a street just below the United Church in Bauline). Return along Brook Path, then turn left onto Main Road, and proceed downhill towards the harbour. After 200 m, turn right onto Seaview Lane, and follow the lane to the last house, and the White Horse Path trailhead.
  • Cape St. Francis - Drive or hike the 5.5 km gravel road (Route 20) from Pouch Cove to Biscan Cove. Park on the shouldre of the road, near the turnoff to the community wharf. Do not block local traffic. Walk 300 m along the road. A sign marks the trailhead.

Camping: There is a wilderness campsite, Patch Brook Campsite, on the path, 10.4 km from the Bauline trailhead. No reservations required. The campsite includes five tent platforms and an outdoor primitive toilet. Be sure to carry a camp stove, as open fires are not permitted.
Community Walk Getting to Biscan Cove Path: After exiting the trail from the Cape St. Francis trailhead, the gravel road to the right least to the Biscan Cove Path trailhead (total: 600 m).
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