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07. Silver Mine Head Path

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Torbay to Outer Cove
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Current Path Status:
Torbay to Outer Cove
About This Path:

Attractions on this path include gentle coastal cliffs and wild wave action. A bridge over North Pond Brook (Motion River) constructed in 2019 allows for easy crossing. Middle Cove Beach Park is known for caplin and whales in season, along with coastal meadows and mixed forest with views south to Torbay Point and north to Flatrock. Spots to picnic can be found along the path and on Middle Cove Beach. An access trail on Marine Drive (signposted as “Granda’s Lane”) offers an alternate point of entry. Sections of this path are prone to erosion, especially the southern part rising out of Middle Cove where there are steep cliffs. There are services available in Torbay, but no facilities at Middle Cove Beach.

Estimated time
2 Hours


Path Advisory: The path length has been extended to include the walk along the roadway from Middle Cove to Lance Cove and then along the coast to Stacks Point and on to the new trailhead just off Marine Drive at Ship Cove. Also, a new bridge crossing North Pond Brook has been constructed and is now open to hikers. No path clearing or conditions updates take place during winter months. Map recommended. Trail-rated footwear required.
Access Points:
  • Torbay - Park alongside Motion Drive near the postal boxes. Do not block the fire hydrant. Start by the white rock.
  • Middle Cove - Park in the Middle Cove Beach parking lot. The popularity of the late spring caplin scull (run) can limit parking options; vehicles parked on Marine Drive are ticketed.
  • Outer Cove - Park near the trailhead above the cove. Do not occupy viewpoint parking.

Community Walk Getting to Cobblers Path: After exiting the trail from the Outer Cove trailhead, proceed 400 m to the bridge spanning Outer Cove. Outer Cove Beach can be reached by a trail beginning on the inland side of the bridge. Walk 200 m to Dorans Lane. Proceed 1.1 km to the end of lane and the Cobbler Path trailhead (total: 1.8 km).
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