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11. Cape Spear Path

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Blackhead to Maddox Cove
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Current Path Status:
Blackhead to Maddox Cove
About This Path:

This path begins with a scenic climb to Blackhead with views back to the cliffs of Southside Hills and Cabot Tower. A decoy fort is found at the top of Blackhead, followed by an impressive view of Cape Spear, the easternmost point in North America. A historic lighthouse and a WWII coastal defense battery can be visited at Cape Spear Historic Site. Beyond Cape Spear, the path consists of a variety of terrain, and features long views, a side trail to North Head (great spot for picnicking), a board-walked bog crossing at Staffordside, erratics along the shore and two river crossings. The trail also passes through a protected Nature Conservancy area near Maddox Cove. Conditions can be windier, cooler, and damper than in the city of St. John’s; path subject to rolling fog. There are limited facilities at Cape Spear from spring to fall. Facilities and services are available in the town of Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove.

Estimated time
5 Hours to 7 Hours


Path Advisory: No path clearing or conditions updates take place during winter months. Map recommended. Trail-rated foorwear required.
Access Points:
  • Blackhead - Turn off at Cape Spear Road and drive through Blackhead, turning right near the shore and driving east 200 m to a school bus turnaround; park in the gravel area, not the turnaround.
  • Cape Spear - Use the parking lot immediately inside park boundary, alongside Pilot Gulch.
  • Maddox Cove - Park in the designated lot facing the beach. Do not block access to pump station. Follow Shore Lane 250 m to trailhead. Do not use laneway for parking.

Community Walk Getting to Motion Path: Follow Shore Lane for 220 m, and turn left onto Old Maddox Cove Road. After 120 m, cross Maddox Cove Road and follow Motion Bay Road and Motion Bay Road Extension straight uphill for 400 m. The road bears left, and becomes a track. After 550 m, turn left at the junction with Cribbies Road, and proceed 400 m downhill. Turn right onto Skinners Hill Lane, and loop around to Main Road. Cross the bridge and turn onto Southside Road. After 400 m, turn up Cavells Lane. Climb the lane for 100 m to the Motion Bay Path trailhead (total: 2.6 km).
Optional Exit Or Access Point
Bird Nesting
Coastline Views
Developed Trail
Historic Site
Sea Ledge