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13. Spout Path

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Shoal Bay Road (Goulds) to Bay Bulls
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Current Path Status:
Shoal Bay Road (Goulds) to Bay Bulls
About This Path:

A most challenging and rewarding hike, this long, hilly trail is for experienced and prepared hikers only. The Spout, a wave-powered geyser, is at the center of this path. It can be seen from as far away as Long Point. The path features dramatic sea cliffs, sea stacks, a historic lighthouse and five waterfalls. Bald eagles often nest atop sea stacks. The path passes over rough ground, with numerous climbs and descents. Start early in the day to finish before sunset and plan to spend time experiencing the Spout. No bailout points, so be sure to bring sufficient drinking water. Shoal Bay Road access trail is very wet after heavy rainfall. Facilities and services in Goulds (accessible from Shoal Bay Road) and Bay Bulls.

Estimated time
6 Hours to 9 Hours


Path Advisory: No path clearing or conditions updates take place during winter months. Map recommended. Trail-rated footwear required.
Access Points:
  • Shoal Bay Road - Drive through the Goulds, and turn left onto Shoal Bay Road. Parking is available at the end of the road. You may be ticketed it you park in the bus turnaround. Hike up Shoal Bay Road to the Pipeline Road juncion (1.0 km) at the crest of a valley between two hills. Turn right. The road runs level, in a southeast direction, crossing Queens River (3.0 km). At Slidey Rock (3.8 km) there is a patch of exposed rock with a right turn that over-optimistic hikers sometimes mistake for the trail. Past Slidey Rock the coast can be seen in the distance and the road begins a sharp descent. At 5.3 km, a left branch of the road leads to Nippers Cove. Keep to the right (south-east) branch. The coast and trailhead are reached at 6.3 km.
  • Bay Bulls - Drive 2.3 km along Northside Road and Gunridge Road to the end of the pavement and continue 200 m along the gravel track to the small parking lot by Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery. The road can no longer be driven past this point. If lot is full, backtrack, and park alonside Gunridge Road. Do not block driveways.

Camping: There is a wilderness campsite, Little Bald Head Campsite, on the path, 5.3 km from the Shoal Bay Road trailhead. No reservations required. The campsite includes 11 campsites, seven of which have tent playforms, and a primitive outdoor toilet. Be sure to carry a camp stove, as open fires are not permitted.
Community Walk Getting to Mickeleens Path: After exiting the trail from the Bay Bulls trailhead, follow Gunridge Road for 200 m and Northside Road for 2.3 km to a junction. Turn left onto Southside Road for 200 m, then left onto Lower Road for 600 m, and then turn left onto Quays (The Keys) Road for 1.2 km to the parking turnaround. Continue for 280 m to the Mickeleens Path trailhead (total: 4.8 km).
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