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17. La Manche Village Path

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Tors Cove to La Manche Village
Current Path Status:

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Current Path Status:
Tors Cove to La Manche Village
About This Path:

This path is an easy hike taking hikers from Tors Cove to the former settlement of La Manche, ending at the 50 m suspension bridge. See otters and tidal life at Crockers Island; nesting puffins on Pee Pee Island; a beaver lodge and side trail to Doctors Cove, which offers a nice spot for a break; and the suspension bridge. A pool, above the suspension bridge, is a popular swimming spot. La Manche Village features old slate foundations of the homes once nestled in the community. Limited facilities available in Tors Cove; limited services in Bauline East, St. Michael’s and Burnt Cove along the hike.

Estimated time
2 Hours to 3 Hours


Path Advisory:
We are pleased to announce that the La Manche Village Path has re-opened now that the replacement of the stairs ascending from the north side of the Suspension Bridge has been completed. Thank you for your patience as our Trai Crew completed the necessary work in this area. Work will continue in the area over the next day or so to finish up some cosmetic touches. Fencing will be removed from the north side (accessed by Tors Cove) by the end of the day July 13.
No path clearing or conditions updates take place during winter months. Map recommended. Trail-rated footwear required.

Access Points:
  • Tors Cove - Park in the lot east of Sacred Heart Church. Walk 800 m through the community to the trailhead. Limited parking is available at the trailhead.
  • St. Michaels - Park in the church parking lot.
  • Bauline East - The hill road is presently privately maintained. There is no vehicle access up the hill for the general public. Park in the lot next to the harbour and walk up the hill.
  • La Manche Village - Ample parking is available, for a small fee, in the day-use area of La Manche Provincial Park. Exit the park camping area at Fire Exit Road and walk up to La Manche Road. Alternately, pass the La Manche Provincial Park entrance, continue south along Route 10 for 1.5 km, turn left onto La Manche Road, and continue for 2 km to the end of the road where there is a large parking area. Walk the old road (1.4 km) down to the village.

Camping: Serviced camping is available in La Manche Provincial Park. Camping in the park is avilable through reservation only. It is recommended to book well in advance. Find more information through Parks NL.

Community Walk Getting to Flamber Head Path:The Flamber Head Path trailhead is located at the far end of the La Manche suspension bridge.

Video of La Manche by Eric Aylward:
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Serviced Camping
Abandoned Settlement
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