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24. Bear Cove Point Path

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Kingmans Cove to Renews
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Current Path Status:
Kingmans Cove to Renews
About This Path:

This path features blueberry grounds near Trixs Cove; abandoned settlements at Lance Cove, Trixs Cove, and Blacksmith; a lookout at Water Cove and Cobblers Stall; the historic lighthouse at Bear Cove Point; an 18th century gun battery at the Mount; and breeding terns in the Renews River Estuary. Limited services available in Kingman’s Cove and Renews.

Estimated time
4 Hours to 6 Hours


Path Advisory: No path clearing or conditions updates take place during winter months. Map recommended. Trail-rated footwear required.
Access Points:
  • Kingman's Cove - Turn off Route 10 (opposite the hydro relay station) and drive 1 km along Kingman's Cove Road to either the interpretation site, or the top of Corkscrew, where parking is in the gravel pit on your left. Proceed 1.5 km to the trailhead. There is no public parking at the end of the road.
  • Bear Cove Light - Follow Point Road 3 km to the lighthouse. Park in the turnaround.
  • Renews - Turn off Route 10 into Renews. Park at the Regina Mundi building complex, below Holy Apostles Church. Walk 700 m through the community to the trailhead.

Community Walk Getting to Island Meadow Path: After exiting the trail from the Renews trailhead, walk to Stone Jug Road. Take Stone Jug Road, then Lower Wharf Road, then Front Road, then Boat Cove Road, then Front Road again, then Back Road to Route 10. Take Route 10 for 400 m, then Murphys Drive (0.5 km), then Route 10 again (1.1 km), then Cutlers Road (0.5 km) and O'Tooles Lane (200 m) to the Island Meadow Path trailhead (total: 5.2 km).
Berry Grounds
Bird Nesting
Cart Track
Developed Trail
Historic Site
Sea Ledge