Cobbler Path so popular it gets an upgrade

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

Sep 13, 2010

Cobbler Path so popular it gets an upgrade

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cobbler Path, newly developed and officially opened on International Trails Day, June 6, 2010, has received huge numbers of visitors and hikers this summer. The trail at the foot of Doran’s Lane in Outer Cove attracts dog walkers and hikers alike. The boardwalk from the parking area elevates walkers over an often wet peat terrain. These structures are placed to help prevent treadway erosion.

Torbay Point is a lovely destination for the casual hiker. Gorgeous views and often, whale sitings to boot. The point however, has suffered the damage of heavy usage with multiple paths being created and subsequent loss of soil and terrain. To prevent further impact on the terrain, our development team is in the process of placing a sanded path and secured crib steps down the slope.

Please use the steps and help us save Torbay Point for all walkers and hikers.

Leave No Trace.

Story and photographs by: Janny VanHouwelingen