ECTA and Town of Torbay sign Agreement

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Gord Follett

Nov 10, 2014

ECTA and Town of Torbay sign Agreement

Monday, November 10, 2014

Torbay, NL

The Town of Torbay is pleased to be the first town to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the East Coast Trail Association, said Torbay Mayor Ralph Tapper. “The trail that runs through our town is a wonderful recreational asset for residents and draws hundreds of visitors to our community”, said Tapper. “The town definitely benefits from having the trail and we need this MOU in place to formalize the relationship and responsibilities between the town and the ECTA”.

The ECTA and the Town of Torbay will sign an MOU this evening in the company of Torbay Town Councillors, representatives of the East Coast Trail Association and the residents of the community. The MOU was unanimously approved at the Town’s October 14th Council meeting. It outlines how the town and the ECTA will work together to maintain and protect the East Coast Trail. It addresses roles and responsibilities for the care and management of the trail within the town’s boundaries and establishes clear lines of communication between Torbay and the ECTA.

Commenting on the MOU, Randy Murphy, President of the ECTA said, “We are pleased to formalize our relationship with the Town of Torbay.” “While we have worked on this for close to a year, the town has always been a strong supporter of the East Coast Trail,” he said. “They recognize the value of the trail to the community, and that the trail needs partners to help fund, manage, and protect it so that it remains safe and available for walkers and hikers for many years to come.”

Approximately 5 kilometres of the ECT is included in the boundaries of the Town. Torbay recently provided $5000. in funding to ECTA to support trail maintenance and upkeep. In the 1990s, Torbay funded development of Father Troy’s Path, and has contributed in-kind labour to support maintenance, repair and upgrades.

In addition, town volunteers, through the Torbay Environment and Trails Committee (TETC) provide volunteer assistance with maintenance and monitoring.

In recent years, sections of the trail within the Town’s boundaries have been damaged from ATV/vehicular use and vandalism. Infrastructure along sections of the trail is also in need of upgrading. The MOU establishes a partnership to cooperate on care, management and protection and to share information on issues that effect the trail.

In 2014, the ECTA celebrated its 20th anniversary and the creation of 265 kilometres of world-class hiking trail along the east coast of the Avalon Peninsula. In addition to ongoing maintenance and upkeep a critical challenge ahead is to secure formal protection of the trail.

In 2015, the ECTA will be seeking Memorandums of Understanding with other towns and communities along the trail to share care and upkeep and working with the provincial government to advance forward protection of the trail.

News release by the Town of Torbay and the ECTA

ECTA board members Adrian Tanner, Geralyn Christmas and Madeleine Florent attend the MOU signing by Mayor Ralph Tapper and ECTA president Randy Murphy