ECTA Trail Maintenance, Enhancement & Development 2015

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

Nov 11, 2015

ECTA Trail Maintenance, Enhancement & Development 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An ECTA crew of eight is currently winding down from a busy 2015 work schedule. Following is a summary of the more significant accomplishments of the past season.

Beginning in April, the crew traversed the trail for a blowdown and leaner assessment, that is, trees blocking or endangering the treadway. Blowdown and leaners were then removed from
several developed paths, including Tinkers Point Path, Beaches Path, Flamber Head Path, Cape Broyle Head Path, and Mickeleens Path.

Broken boardwalk on Tinkers Point Path and Beaches Path was replaced with stepping stones wherever possible, and in places, with new boardwalk. Vegetation brushing also helped prep these paths for the 2015 Tely-Hike.

A re route, with fencing and signage alters the Blackhead trailhead, protecting adjacent private property.
Another 100 metres of fencing was installed to protect property bordering the Silver Mine Head Path above Middle Cove Beach.

Pruning and brushing has finally been completed on the Cape Broyle Head Path. Hurrah! It looks Great!

New boardwalk replaced broken boards near Staffordside on Cape Spear Path, and garbage was removed and the shed dismantled at Killickstone Cove.

The crew also brushed out a middle section of Motion Path and replaced numerous worn black-and-whites on exposed rocky slopes and terraces. Signage was improved on all worked paths as needed.

Repairs or minor re-routes were done at various locations including along Father Troy Path, Sugarloaf Path, and La Manche Village Path.

With assistance from Sierra Club volunteers, an initial cut around Howlett Point on Sounding Hills Path, has opened views to Spout River Falls as well as Fairmouth Cove. Lovely.

As for the undeveloped paths, ECTA crew removed the broken structures on Miners Path north of Topsail. And for a major improvement, the Piccos Ridge Path (Bauline-Portugal Cove) has been hardened from
North Point Road to the Blasthole Pond Road Juncture which leads to Anglican Cemetery Road (ECTA hopes to have a trail map available soon).

A big THANK YOU to Ed Delaney, Vince Croft and Chris Duffy, and the ECTA crew for all the fine work you have done on the Trail this year.

Story and photos by J. Van Houwelingen

Photos top row:
Blowdown on Beaches Path; new boardwalk Tinkers Point Path; new fencing Silver Mine Head Path; Cape Broyle Head Path cleared
Photos bottom row:
New boardwalk Cape Spear Path; development on Piccos Ridge Path; crew brushing on Motion Path; broken structures removed from Miners Path