ECTA Volunteer Awards Night 2015

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

Apr 14, 2015

ECTA Volunteer Awards Night 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sunday night, two dozen ECTA members celebrated with the 2015 ECTA Volunteer Award winners. The Flamber Head and Tuckamore awards are presented to volunteers who have made a significant contribution to the sustainability of the Trail and the Association.

Pat Ryan has been involved with the Trail Management Committee since 2009, supporting the financial management of all trail projects as well as playing an active role in overseeing the trail work plans. Pat’s involvement includes the project cost estimates and status reporting. His leadership in trail development, maintenance, and enhancement has earned Pat a well-deserved Flamber Head award this year.

Geralyn Christmas has been a board member and VP of Land & Legal for the ECTA since 2010. Geralyn’s scope of work includes stakeholder communication, land issues and problems, town plan revisions and amendments, regional planning, policy and legislative changes as well as the management of Association’s day-to-day legal matters. Geralyn has demonstrated her belief in the urgent need for trail protection and preservation, a critical sustainability issue requiring public and legislative support to succeed. Geralyn is honoured to receive a Flamber Head award.

Susan Quinlan joined the ECTA board in 2010 as VP of Finance & Administration. She has also played a leadership role in the last four Tely Hike fundraisers, as well as organizing a successful family fundraising team. A milestone achievement was the implementation of Gifttools, as an online fundraising tool to support the Tely Hike. Susan is currently serving her second year as board Chair, working with the board on both the most effective governance model and with a goal of association sustainability. Susan is our third Flamber Head award recipient.

Gail Sharpe has a long history with the ECTA as a very well regarded guided hike leader, motivating and inspiring new hikers to an appreciation of the natural beauty of the coast and of the Trail. Gail also co-chaired the signage committee and put many
hours into that work, including installing some of the signs! Gail’s volunteerism and love of the Trail has not been forgotten; she was unable to attend this event, but is a happy recipient of a Flamber Head award for 2015.

The Tuckamore Award honours those who have made a significant contribution to the long-term preservation and protection of the East Coast Trail. And like the Tuckamore, Adrian Tanner is determined, committed, and resilient. Adrian is a firm believer in the vision of the East Coast Trail, understanding the long-term value it offers to our trail communities, the region and our province. Adrian has been a most valued volunteer and dear friend of the Association who has given over 20 years of continuous service on the board and on many committees. In 2005 Adrian was a key member of a six-person team that took up the challenge to define the problem of trail protection. This effort produced East Coast Trail: Ours to Lose, describing the absence of trail protection, as well as a legislative solution. Adrian also chaired the Land & Legal Committee and served as VP Land & Legal for five years. An important achievement under Adrian’s tenure as VP was the enactment of the Pedestrian Trail Liability and Protection Act in June 2010. Adrian Tanner received the Tuckamore award in celebration of his dedication as a trail protector.

Randy Murphy, ECTA president and Darlene Scott hosted the evening and presented the awards.

Trudy Carlisle, Executive Director of the Duke of Edinburgh, Newfoundland & Labrador, filled us in on the provincial program.
The Duke of Edinburgh awards, started in the UK, came to Newfoundland & Labrador in 1974. It is considered one of the premier social development programs for youth (age 14-25) in the world today. The Adventurous Journeys portion brings a lot of young people outdoors and to the Trail. There is also a volunteer component in addition to skills development.

Photos by Darlene Scott and Alick Tsui

L-R: Randy Murphy presents Pat Ryan with Flamber Head award; Randy, Pat, Adrian, Geralyn and Darlene (for Gail Sharpe); Randy presents Adrian Tanner with Tuckamore award; Randy presents Geralyn Christmas with Flamber Head award
L-R: Patti McPherson, volunteer and Trudy Carlisle, guest speaker; Flamber Head award; the Tuckamore award; Randy and the happy and deserving ECTA award recipients for 2015