For MORE Trail, Views, Hiking…

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

May 27, 2011

For MORE Trail, Views, Hiking…

Friday, May 27, 2011

…We need your support.

Dear members of the public and lovers of the East Coast Trail;

The 11th East Coast Trail Tely Hike Fundraiser is quickly approaching.

We are placing a call for your support to get involved and help us raise the $42,000 we need to reach our 2011 ECT Tely Hike fundraising objective of $100,000. We need your help, get involved today, you have a week to help us make a difference.

When we began this journey called the East Coast Trail we were told it was an impossible dream; we were wasting our time. Eighteen years later we have delivered 265 km of trail and are expecting over 56,000 hiker visits to the Trail in 2011.

“The East Coast Trail . . . for ordinary people with extra ordinary dreams and the determination to make them happen.”

Our inspiration and motivation can be found in the raw natural beauty of the East Coast Trail landscape and our love of this place we call home. The dream of the East Coast Trail is driven by you, our members, our volunteers and general users of the trail; a dream that occasionally needs some money to help it along.

Our funding reality is: existing approved funding will take us to the end of August 2011; the $100,000 we are seeking during the 11th ECT Tely Hike will enable us to obtain the Provincial and Federal funds we need to support the Trail from September 2011 to August 2012.

It is essential that we come as close to the $100,000 mark as possible by the June 4th Tely Hike. We have to move forward quickly with our funding applications to obtain the support we need by the end of August.

Our question for you: Are you out there collecting your pledges for the Tely Hike on June 4th?

If yes, please send a quick email to to let us know you are raising funds and will be entering the Tely Hike as an individual or team. If as a team, we need to know the number of people on your team. And if you haven’t started there is no time like the present; you have a week to help make a difference.

* Please go to Tely Hike 2011 for registration and pledge forms and all the ECT Tely Hike information you will need.

* Don’t forget to pre-register by Wednesday, June 1; we need this information to finalize our food, transportation, t-shirts, etc… orders, as well, pre-registering will help reduce the lineups and wait times on Saturday, June 4th.

Thank you and we look forward to your response and hope to see you in Torbay at the Kinsmen Community Centre on June 4th.

Randy Murphy
President, East Coast Trail Association

Photos of Father Troy’s Path courtesy Tali Smith and Greg Bennett.