Fundraising goes well in 2011!

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

Jun 6, 2011

Fundraising goes well in 2011!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The East Coast Trail Association is nearing its 2011 fundraising goal of $100,000 with an incredible effort surrounding this year’s 11th East Coast Trail Tely Hike. Corporate sponsors and member donations raised during the run up to the event came to $67,325. On Saturday June 4th which was also International Trails Day, 325 registered hikers brought in $27,185 pledges gathered from their friends, families and work place colleagues before heading out on 4 hikes. The grand total so far comes to $94,510.

“That leaves us with $5,410 to still raise this year, “ said President Randy Murphy. “We have fantastic corporate sponsors and it is hard to imagine a better crowd of hikers who really came through with the pledges, again this year. Our thanks go out to each and every donor who is helping us build the Trail and maintain access to the coastline.”

The two top fundraising teams this year were the Torbay Environmental Trails Committee who raised $3,452 and the Trail Buddies who turned in $2,576. Helen Spencer and Angie O’Brien each raised $1,500 to tie for top individual fundraiser amongst the 325 registered hikers who turned in pledges on hike day. Robbie Hicks was a close second raising $1049 and Cheryl Stacey came in third with $816 raised.

What a show of community support!

Story and Photos by: Darlene Scott

Photo descriptions (left to right)

1. Hikers started in Flatrock.

2. Hikers leave Flatrock on the Beamer with Red Head in the distance.

3. Although the forecast called for light rain, there was none to be had on June 4th and hikers climbed the last hill at Tapper’s Cove under glorious sunshine en route to the Kinsmen Centre in Torbay for the official opening of Father Troys Trail and the Silver Mine Head Path.

4. Descending into Tapper’s Cove.

5. Randy Murphy, President and Kate O’Brien, chair of the Board thank Ken Martin of Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) for the support of the Government of Canada. Donations raised at the hike are used to match development funds from ACOA and others. Ken brought greetings and thanked the volunteers who run the association after hiking the Father Troy Trail with more than 300 other hikers on Saturday June 4.

6. Madeline Florent of the Torbay Environmental Trails Committee (TETC) and Mayor Bob Codner of Torbay display the plaque awarded the town for its continued support of ECTA. The Town of Torbay sponsored the event (venue, food, buses).

7. Margot Bruce O’Connell of Exxon Mobil expressed support for the Trail and encouraged volunteers to continue their efforts at preserving the coastline.

8. Mayor Sean Kennedy of the Town of Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove brought along the town’s donation and spoke to hikers about support for the Trail. Silver Mine Head Path follows the coastline in the town.