Nature On the East Coast Trail

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

Jul 31, 2023

While hiking the #EastCoastTrail, it is important to be mindful of where you are stepping🥾. Ensure that you hike on the developed trail to protect vegetation, prevent erosion, and keep yourself safe.

As the ECT is a wilderness trail, you will come across insects and natural plant life while out hiking🐛🐜🐝.

Spout Path – Photo by Calvin Tong

Make sure to pack your first aid kit that includes bandages, antiseptic wipes, Polysporin, gauze pads, and Benadryl in case of stings or irritations.

If you come across a wasp nest:
1. When crossing bridges or boardwalks, please walk gently as wasps often like making their nests in these areas.
2. If the wasps are disturbed or swarming, move back on the path and wait until they settle down (usually a few minutes)

As wasp nests are reported to ECTA, advisories of the nests will be posted to our social media channels. Hikers should be mindful that there are more than likely other wasp nests that have not been reported to us. If you are reporting a wasp nest location on the Path please provide an accurate (detailed) location. Reports can be made by phone by calling 709-738-4453 or by emailing