Tely Hike Celebrates 10 Years – The Telegram – Jeff Hiscock

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Gord Follett

Jun 7, 2010

Tely Hike Celebrates 10 Years – The Telegram – Jeff Hiscock

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday morning’s dreary weather conditions didn’t stop the crowds from hitting the East Coast Trail’s section through Outer Cove-Logy Bay for the 10th annual Tely Hike fundraiser.

About 200 people of all ages gathered at the Justina Centre to be bused to the hike’s planned start point just off of Marine Drive.

Janny VanHouwelingen of the East Coast Trail Association was happy with the turnout, but said the weather may have held back a few potential hikers. “We usually get between 150 and 200,” VanHouwelingen said. “I think if we had better weather this morning we would have gotten over 200.”

Participants in Sunday’s Tely Hike were asked to gather at least $40 in pledges to help leverage money to secure funding for improvements and additions to the trail.

The association is required to raise 10 percent of the total project cost in order to receive government funding. This year the association hit its goal raising more than $104,000. Plans for the near future include completion of the trail from Logy bay to Flatrock and from Pouch Cove to Cape St. Francis. Much of the amount came from company sponsorship and funding from the town of Logy Bay, Middle Cove/Outer Cove, but much help came from individual efforts as well. The award for most money raised by an individual went to Janice Stein who raised almost $1,500. “The trail to me is of so much value,” said Stein, who hikes every weekend. “It’s never a problem to knock on someone’s door for a few bucks.”

Stein also assists with maintenance of the trail throughout the summer.

“It’s such a great big part of the community,” she says. “It was the original link between the towns.

The team that raised the most was the High Maintenance Maniacs, which raised more than $3,000. The Nalcor team, which makes a large contribution each year came in second place, rasing more than $2,000.

Simon Wright moved to Pouch Cove from the United Kingdom two years ago. He says he loved the hike, and never realized how scenic the east coast is, despite the fog.

“It was too bad about the weather,” Wright said. “I’m going to try and be on this trail as much as possible this summer though.”

All of the brave hikers met at the Justina Centre after their excursion for food and entertainment.

Reprinted with permission – The Telegram – Jeff Hiscock
Photographs- ECTA volunteers