Trail Enhancement and Maintenance, 2014

Spurwink Island Path

Gord Follett

Dec 18, 2014

Trail Enhancement and Maintenance, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The ECTA crew will wrap up the trail work this week: the 2014 season has been longer than usual, thanks to mild weather and clear ground conditions. A total of 18 of our developed paths received some enhancement, maintenance, or both.

In our third year of Trail Enhancement, Caplin Bay Path had the parking area improved, treadway stabilized with retaining logs, crib steps where needed and stepping stones added to muddy and steep sections. And signage replaced as required. Sounding Hills Path had the removal of a decrepit 18 foot bridge and replacement with two sets of crib steps, retaining logs, drainage definition, as well as replacement of deteriorated boardwalks, dams checked, and stepping stones added where needed. Mudder Wet Path also completed enchancement with work done on the crib steps into Little River Valley, stepping stones and replacement of dilapidated boardwalk.

Enhancement work was done on portions of La Manche Village Path, including structures such as boardwalk, crib steps, stepping stones, the replacement of a 14 ft bridge, the addition of a rock culvert drain, as well as signage replacement. Cape Broyle Head Path completed enhancement work from the Calvert trailhead to Cold Harbour, with replacement of check dams, crib steps, retaining logs, and signage.

Deadmans Bay Path saw the barachois stepping stones adjusted or replaced, with black and whites (signage) highlighting this section.

Maintenance work was done on a number of trails this season. First, the crew cleared blowdown and leaners from Mickeleens to Island Meadow Path, in the spring.

Two short re-routes were cut due to erosion: a piece near Ragged Beach on Beaches Path, and one on Cape Broyle Head Path (@ km12). Cape Broyle Head Path also benefitted from crew maintenance brushing and pruning Calvert to Church Cove. The middle of this path was pink-ribboned over areas of heavy vegetation, needing maintenance next year.

The La Manche suspension bridge underwent maintenance repairs; additional stepping stones were placed on a wet portion of Cape Spear Path, the crib steps leading up from Middle Cove beach to the Silver Mine Head trailhead were repaired after winter storm damage. In addition maintenance and vegetation maintenance was carried out by crew on the enhanced paths above, as well as parts of Sugarloaf Path, Father Troy’s Path, Blackhead Path, Beaches Path and Island Meadow Path.

At press time the crew is still in the field addressing signage, blow downs, and water damage sites as they are reported.

Thank you to the ECTA crew, leaders, and Ed Delaney for the Enhancement and Maintenance of the developed East Coast Trail this season. Your work is much appreciated by us trail walkers and hikers!

Story and photos by J. Van Houwelingen

Top row – Enhancement of Caplin Bay Path, stepping stones and treadway stabilization; Maintenance on Cape Broyle Head Path including removal of blow down

Bottom row – New stairs access Silver Mine Head Path from Middle Cove beach; Fencing now diverts hikers away from Silver Mine Head Path erosion; repairs completed to the La Manche suspension bridge; Enhancement of La Manche Village Path included this 14 ft bridge replacement