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We exist to inspire the world to explore the great Newfoundland outdoors, where through experience, people learn to love and respect the natural beauty of our province so that, together, we can protect and preserve our coastline for future generations to enjoy, as we do today.

There is a Trail on the edge of the world that so easily could not exist. Instead, it has evolved into one of the most historic and spectacular hiking trails you can ever imagine. 

There are real stories at every turn, and real people to meet along the way. It’s a Trail that connects rural communities, hugging the coast and connecting people to their history, to the land, and to each other. On the craggy, rugged shore, at the most easterly point in North America, the East Coast Trail wends for 336 kilometres along the precipice of the eastern edge of the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. 

The East Coast Trail is not just a world-class hiking trail; it is also your chance to connect with your community and become part of something bigger.

We are reaching out to the business community to ask for you to pledge your support to work with the Association to make the East Coast Trail a sustainable, protected, resource for our province and its residents.

Our Story

28 years in the making, an awesome world-class destination hiking trail, the time has come to make sure it is funded, maintained and protected for now and for future generations. 

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Since our beginning in May 1994, we have encouraged people to explore the natural beauty of our province and to inspire them to love, respect and care for our coastline, to ensure its protection and preservation for generations to come. We have accomplished this by building and marketing the East Coast Trail to the world, and as a result, we have achieved what many considered an impossible dream: the development of a “world-class” destination hiking trail on the eastern edge of the Avalon Peninsula. We have taken what is best about this province, our culture, our history, our communities, our people, combined with the raw natural beauty of our coastline, as our competitive advantage, and succeeded. 

There are few places in the world where residents and visitors alike have ready access to a trail that allows them to experience breathtaking coastal views and pass through 24+ coastal communities, enriching the local economy. As both a magnet for visitors and a recreational resource for residents of this province, the East Coast Trail is a community achievement – a unique partnership of members, volunteers, businesses, communities and governments, all committed to creating and sustaining an unparalleled wilderness hiking trail.

Twenty-eight years ago, this May, on the eastern edge of the Avalon, a group of like-minded people saw an opportunity, the chance to bring people together in nature to celebrate our culture and history. With visions of wind-swept vistas and fog-shrouded forests, they saw a place for community and connection. Something we could all be proud of and from this dream was born the East Coast Trail, a trail that has become a provincial treasure, a tourism and recreational icon, an awesome accomplishment.  

#1 coastline in the world, National Geographic Traveler

#1 motivator for overseas travel, Hospitality NL

#1 attraction on the Avalon, NL Tourism Exit Survey

We have proven that we have the capacity, the capability and the commitment to effectively manage a long trail, wisely invest our resources, and deliver the value promised. From this point forward, we have to demonstrate that we can sustain what we have developed while continuing to grow its value, uniting our communities and improving the well-being of our province.  Achieving “sustainability” is our new dream, a challenge “yes”, and achievable with the help and support of our business community. 

We are reaching out to you, and your organization, today, to partner with us through our corporate fundraising campaign. And while the trail is generating significant economic activity it all flows directly into the local economies of 24 communities, none of the money comes back to the trail. This is the funding challenge we are addressing with this campaign. Connect with us, and together we can make a difference. 

Ways to Give

This program provides the opportunity for a company to support an event, a project, or a program, and we offer three types of sponsorships.
Click the Sponsorship Tiers image to enlargen.

Corporate Sponsorship Program: This program provides the opportunity for a company to support an event, a project, or a program, and we offer three types of sponsorships.

The Sponsorship Tiers table outlines five sponsorship levels, their benefits and their value.

The “Trail Visionary” Sponsorship is also available but is not included in the table. The Trail Visionary is our platinum sponsor, the sole sponsor of the East Coast Trail, including all 25 paths, all events and all communication channels.  Please contact us if you are interested in exploring this option.

Other Ways to Give: We have a variety of ways you can support the Trail that can be customized to meet your business requirements.

Recurring Gift Program

A monthly giving program is a recurring donation where your company can automatically donate a specific amount to the East Coast Trail on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Such regular donation plans help us generate a steady stream of financial support so that we can fulfill our vision and mission more effectively. Monthly giving is the most frequent form of recurring giving.

Fundraising Matching

Register your company in our annual fundraiser: Trail Raiser “Community Hike.” You could sponsor a corporate team(s) by paying their registration fee, or you can challenge your employees to form a team(s) to raise money and your company to match funds raised by all employees who participate.

Organize a Fundraiser

Plan and organize a company fundraising event to engage your employees to raise money for the East Coast Trail. 

Annual Organization Membership

Take out an annual organization membership, give the gift of a membership to your employees, or encourage your employees to become annual members. Become an organization member here.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are the most popular type of philanthropy in which companies financially match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations. When an employee donates, they’ll request the matching gift from their employer, who then makes their own donation. 

Community Giving 

If your company has a community investment fund, and if we qualify let us know and we can collaborate to submit an application.

Volunteer Grants

Volunteer Grants are another common form of corporate philanthropy in which companies provide monetary grants to organizations where their employees regularly volunteer. We are always looking for volunteers to help us in our efforts, create lasting memories, and have a direct impact on the Trail. 

In-Kind Prize Donations

Donate a prize, a product or service, to support an East Coast Trail event.

What happens when you become part of the East Coast Trail? You connect with a lot of passionate people who love the Trail and you partner with a well-respected, award-winning brand.

Named one of the 10 Best Adventure Destinations in the World by National Geographic, the Trail attracts thousands of locals and international travellers every year. They are a diverse bunch with one thing in common: a profound emotional connection to the East Coast Trail. This connection is shown in their passionate support of the Trail with online posts, shares, and likes — all a testament to their appreciation and understanding of the coastline and the fond memories it holds. We invite you and your organization to make your own connections with this provincial treasure: a partnership that naturally aligns with your own values and provides an opportunity to share your story with a highly engaged and influential audience. When you support the Trail, you help us achieve our mission and, in turn, support a variety of important causes that align with your investment priorities. Environmental Stewardship, Culture & History, Health & Wellness, Rural Development, Outreach & Education, Tourism & Economic Development, Sustainability.

What will your partnership help us do? Your partnership will help us raise the funds required to maintain, protect, and sustain the Trail while fueling the economies of our 24 trail communities.

A direct outcome of your investment is a well-maintained, world-class trail that is safe for hikers, protects the environment and continues to fuel the economy of our rural trail communities. Your financial support will help us to sustain the Trail and the association. Your contribution will support the following activities:

Our 2022 corporate fundraising goal is $100,000; a goal we can reach with your support to help us maintain and protect the East Coast Trail. The funds raised will be used to apply for government funding. The projects included will depend on the amount raised and project priorities.  

This funding will provide us with the financial support we need to approach and request additional funding from our government stakeholders, where for every dollar we raise, we can generate $10, i.e. $100,000 can potentially become $1,000,000.

How are the funds used?

Funds raised in prior years were used to construct 17.1 km of new trail between Topsail Beach & Portugal Cove, construct a new 35-foot bridge over North Pond Brook in Torbay, and take our new trailhead & community signage from design to fabrication ready for installation in 2022/2023.  
Trailhead and Community Signage
Replacing trailhead signs at all 50 trailheads, plus new signs installed within communities and at parking lots.
La Manche Suspension Bridge Stairs Replacement
The stairs on the north side of the bridge were constructed in 2000 in conjunction with the bridge’s opening. Over time these stairs have deteriorated and now must be replaced. The stairs were completely replaced by July 2023.
Trail Enhancements
Enhancements to Tinkers Point Path were completed in 2022.
Trail Development
The construction of the Long Shore Path between Topsail Beach and Portugal Cove Road was started in 2019 and completed in the fall of 2021. This included hardening the path by installing boardwalk, steps, stairs, retaining walls, and other trail structures required to bring this section of trail up to the ECT standard.  The addition of this 17.1 km of trail completes the 336 km section of the ECT between Topsail Beach in CBS and Cappahayden on the Southern Shore.  

Get to know us

Sit back and take a few minutes for a virtual hike with Eric Hanson and experience why National Geographic ranked the Avalon coastline, the home of the East Coast Trail, the #1 coastline in the world.  

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